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What is Germanium?

Germanium is an element that has semiconductor properties. The most important characteristic of Germanium is that it induces positive health benefits by naturally balancing the body’s ion levels (bioelectricity).

Germanium has thirty-two electrons, with four valence electrons. It means that four electrons are located on its outermost shell, and spontaneously move in and out of its position. When approached by a foreign substance with harmful positive charges, one of these four electrons will be ejected out of its orbital because of the electrons negative charge. This infamous semiconducting phenomenon is better known in the scientific world as ‘the positive hole effect’. The remaining three electrons will seize an electron from other atoms in order to maintain balance.

In essence, once in contact with the human skin, the negatively charged ions from the millions of Germanium atoms will attract the harmful positively charged ions from the body. This process is also known as the dehydrogenation effect where oxygen atoms combine with hydrogen ions that accumulate.

The metabolism of the mammalian cell has an extremely important process; in which, it purges waste out of the body while acquiring nutrients from the blood. With more negative ions in the body, the body’s metabolic processes are becomes more efficient.

The negatively-charged ion from Germanium will help in blood purification and balances the positive and negative ions within the body. Germanium is believed to function by increasing oxygen function within the system. Because of this, it is considered to be an antioxidant. Germanium has been known to increase Natural Killer (NK) cells and T-suppressor cells in the body thus enhancing the immune system and assisting in anti-cancer activity. This also has muscle relieving and fatigue reducing properties, etc.

Resources: Dr Asai’s book – Miracle Cure – Organic Germanium..

We are the only one of Germanium-product producer in South Korea who conducts Germanium content & purity test twice a year with SGS.

Verification of Real Germanium and its Purity

  • 99.999% of purity Germanium reflects silver gray color, however mixture of impurities and low purity germanium reflects dark tone.
  • When the real Germanium surface is scratched, the silver gray powder falls off and the inside of the scratched components still remain silver gray color.
  •  Germanium does not stick to magnets and does not burn or melt once it is heated.